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We are facing a severe lack of Arabic content, which is the main reason why we have created websites in order to cover many topics, especially psychological.

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Exemple! Benefits of quitting smoking:

Get rid of stress, fatigue and headache.

Get rid of excessive nervousness.

Blood pressure and heartbeat return to normal.

Low amount of carbon monoxide in the blood.

Increased rate of oxygen in the brain and muscles

Lungs get rid of nicotine.

Regulating blood circulation.

To get rid of dry mouth and restore the sense of taste and smell.

Relax the airways

Improved vision.

Softness in the skin.

Dental restoration.

Get rid of an acute cough.

Restoration of the activity of the immune system.

Vasculitis disappeared.

Reduced risk of heart attack and stroke.

Low risk of developing lung, mouth, throat, bladder and pancreatic cancer.

Reduced risk of myocardial infarction and arterial blockage.